Recently I changed from a pc to a mac and I've been trying to find software that works for me, a web designer. I'm pro opensource and as a result I sift through websites looking for software that's good and free.

Now I have a problem! I've installed dozens of applications and uninstalled them, leaving miscellaneous files associated with the application. So I used AppDelete to remove these files but after the first 6 (or something like that) I was asked to contribute USD$5.00 in order to keep using the application.

With no money in my PayPal account I went looking for something similar but free and that is when I discovered AppCleaner.

AppCleaner gives me more control not only to uninstall software in my applications folder but widgets and plugins too. I can also search for specific files to delete. AppCleaner gives more options than that of AppDelete such as smart delete (finds associated files and deletes them when application is trashed), protection for defualt and launced apps and a 3D transition when menu items are selected. Try it!

software: AppCleaner

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