JW Media Player v1.1 for Joomla 1.5

I felt like the JW Media Player Module I did a few weeks ago could take a few tweaks. So with some free time on my hands I decided to enable the joomla module to play YouTube Video and YouTube Playlist.

Now with the tweaks you can play YouTube Vidoes, FLVs, MP4s, MP3s, AACs, JPGs, PNGs and GIFs as individual files or a playlist. As well as customize the joomla module by setting the colours or selecting 1 of the 12 skins:

Blue Metal

Ice Cream Sneaka



Metarby 10




Silvery White



Stylish Slim

If I have some more time I'll be sure to add a version of this module which will include some of the plugins found at LongTail Video.


Download: JW Media Player v1.1 JW Media Player v1.2
Support: PX Junkie Google Groups
* Credit: Longtail's JW FLV Media Player 4.4
* Version 1.2 has AutoPlay, Shuffle & Repeat


Baluta Andrei said...

hi, this module is free???

wrerm said...

Baluta Andrei it free and will always be... ;)

cr33dog said...

Very nice! Two things:

1. Something is spotty about the fullscreen setting when using a Youtube playlist. I bypassed that by setting "allowfullscreen" to "true" in the module php.

2. I would like to add the stop button to one of the themes (snel). Any chance you would share the FLAs?

Again - very nice work. Aside from the small issue in #1, this is the best j1.5 package of JW I've seen.

wrerm said...

cr33dog thank! I will work on issue #1 on the next version. Regarding the 'fla' think you may have to go to Longtail and get the information for the person who originally designed the skin and see if he/she would change it or give you the fla

Andrea L said...

wheres the directions?

wrerm said...


You should find this link useful:
Google Groups - PX Junkie: JW Media PlayerI also responded to your question here

player search said...

RAIsoft Total Media Player is the best known to as internet player….check it out

wrerm said...

player search,

I'm not sure I like that player plus I have to pay for it.

sonia said...

Hi Gabre,

I am interested in the JW player from the acessibility angle the audio descriptions and captioning. is this included in you joomla plugin?

wrerm said...

Sonia, Based on the XML playlist you can add whatever information you need. The captioning will be available for video in the next release.

Anonymous said...


I don't suppose you have any idea when the next version, which includes captioning will be out? :)

Thank you for the great module!

Anonymous said...

I apologise for posting this in a second comment.

I would also be very interested in seeing the Audiodescription addon implemented into your module.

Have you any plans to add this one in?

Thanks again,

wrerm said...


The version with the Caption feature may be out around the 1st week of June 09.

As it is right now I have several project finishing up and making some mods to the ProjectPier WYSIYWG.

Sebastien-Gaillard said...

Hi wrerm,

I love the way you have created this module : really use JW player natively in Joomla. So you can alsouse all of the JW FLV player's plug-ins, skins etc. Great !

But it could be very fine to have it as a plug-in in Joomla, to include video inside articles.

For the moment I have to do it with Jumi (that call an external content with the JW player inside, the only way to use all JW plug-ins in Joomla, like stats). You can see it here www.repaire.tv

I don't like other embedded video player for Joomla because they really have less functionality than JW FLV Player, and sometimes the developers aborded the plug-ins during months.

So, you're way of using natively JW inside Joomla is really a very very good news, please create a plug-in for this !!

Best Regards !

wrerm said...

Sebastien thanks for the feedback. As soon as I get the time to work on 1.3 of the module I'll look into the plugin.

Anna said...

Very cool module, but can I use it with stream audio (mms://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/)?

wrerm said...

It cannot do that at this momment Anna. I've intended to do a new version with the option of streaming file from remote location but I've been really busy.

Bilal Ahmad said...

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Media Flv Player said...

Cool one.... thank for providing this information and post.

pricego.org said...

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Iostar DeSign said...

I love how you created this module for joomla. It is simple and easy to edit. And, as it was said before, I am waiting for the plugin.
At this moment, I am faced with this problem: using an xml playlist, I am not able to set fullscreen on playlist. Looking at the module in my database, I remarked that there is not an information about fullscreen for list, so, the module cannot edit this option. What to create there? How to solve this problem?
Thank you for your work and your answer!

wrerm said...

Iostar what version of the module are you using? Please check that you are running the latest version: http://code.google.com/p/jw-media-player/

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get any of the joomla flash players to play videos randomly. Any advice?

wrerm said...

You may want to try the process of elimination. Turn off / on specific plugins to see if the are interfering with each other.

Anonymous said...

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Rudo said...

Hey, Great Mod, Was wondering if there was a cap on how many vidoes show up on a Youtube playlist. Mines seems to be capped at 25...I have like 100 or so I need to get up there

wrerm said...

Rudo that's something you would have to take up with LongTail.

beyoyo said...

Are there manual install instructions? Getting JFTP errors when I try and install via extension manager.

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Anonymous said...

nicw module but can it used to stream audio via shoutcost

wooly said...

anybody get this mod to do shoutcast

wrerm said...

No... I will have to see if that can be addressed in 2.0

cr33dog said...

I've hacked it to use shoutcast. I've added this to the main php file at about line 60 (after the other similar lines):
echo "so$suffix.addParam('flashvars','file=;stream.nsv&type=sound&volume=50&autostart=false');";

Obviously you need to replace with a real IP or domain.

sukumar said...

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Vicez said...

Hi , i want to implat this module to JomTube , can you help me?

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