TeamViewer - Remote Access over the Internet

TeamViewer is an application that allows administrators to provide technical support - using remote access, files sharing (vpn) and online chats with users of pcs outside their local network, among many other features. The beauty of TeamViewer is that it installs in seconds and the free version is very powerful.

The application is not just limited to administrators, but also to individuals who travel often and may have the need to retrieve files from their pc at home or the office. TeamViewer gives the user the ability to even do presentations from a remote location.

TeamViewer is ideal for a company that offers technical support. The administrator or tech team doesn't have access to the pc unless the client supplie them with the unique ID, plus the business license, which is only USD$699.00, is for a lifetime.

Download TeamViewer: mac | pc

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Benzin said...

RHUB is also a very good alternative. It has many impressive features such as instant remote control, firewall and proxy-compliance, remote reboot, file transfer/sharing, lockdown system compatibility, recording capabilities, interactive chat, white board, and more. Their proprietary Universal Access Mode ensures consistent access. Features also include capability to convert an online support session into a web conferencing session. Also support agents can switch to online training mode instant during support session, which can be very useful during Remote Support.

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