Dell's Studio Hybrid

Recently my friends were trying to figure out what type of pc to buy after the motherboard in the clone died. I suggested the Dell Studio Hybrid with a pitch that it would help reduce the clutter and they were loving it.

I must say that I admire Dell's ingenuity! But I must confess that when I saw the device I thought about Apple's Mac Mini except that studio hybrid as several other flavours. Dell's Studio Hybrid cost USD$499.00, a $100 dollars less than their competitor - Apple, and you get 2GB of memory (DDR2), CD/ DVD Burner, 160GB Sata Hard-drive, an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor (1.86GHz/533Mhz) and Windows Vista Home. Customization is always an option for those who want more from Dell's PC in a lil box, including the addition of a monitor.

Though Dell's Studio Hybrid has the capacity to take up to 4GB of Memory, 320 GB Hard-drive and an 8x CD / DVD Writer, seemingly giving it superiority over it's competitor, it will always fall prey to it's OS and that was what aided my friends in their decision.

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