EverSave or SaveCircle for my Mac?

I like to run a million and one applications on my iMac simultaneously but I always run the risk of one application crashing. In most cases it's Photoshop CS3. Recently I came across two applications that are designed to solve this very issue, EverSave and SaveCircle.

Uncertain which application to choose I decided to run both at different intervals over a 2 week period.

I started using SaveCircle and I liked the fact that I could set the time intervals for it to save opened documents for specific applications or the frontmost application. Plus it has a nice interface that allows the user quickly turn on or off the application. SaveCircle also allows the user to detatch the countdown window and attach it to the font most application.

SaveCircle's interface overall seemed to take up a little too big for the type of application it was and the countdown window was more of a distraction than an asset. I also found my iMac to move a little sluggish when starting the application and when it was saving a document.

Initially I was skeptical about using EverSave but I decided to give it a chance.

Once I launched the application I noticed an icon in my menu bar and I was prompted to set my preferences. Once that was done all I had was just an icon that notified me that saving was enabled. The application gave me the option to save specific applications from my list of approved applications along with the option to save based on a timer or when the application was out of focus.

EverSave also has the functionality to save the position of all your opened windows and applications in the event their is a power outage. I also noticed that EverSave used less resources when starting up or saving a document which was excellent.

Both applications are good however over the 2 weeks I found myself gravitating towards one more - EverSave.


screenshots courtesy of Macxtosh and Apple

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