Media & MP3 Player Modules for Joomla 1.5

Recently I was working on a website that was using Joomla 1.5 and I needed a mp3 player. The had to be obtrusive since it was only going to play the organization's theme song. Unfortunately I didn't find one that fit the bill.

I ended up porting JW Media Player 4.3.1 but that was an overkill for the project so I had to go a simpler route. Now I have two (2) Joomla modules you can enjoy.

The two (2) Joomla modules are:
JW Media Player which allows you to:
  • Play a single audio/video file or xml playlist
  • Customize the player (12 skins, background colour, control bar placement and playlist location)

Simple Mp3 Player Bar allows you to:
  • Play a single mp3
  • Change player colour

Download Joomla Modules:
JW Media Player v1.0
Simple Mp3 Player Bar v1.0

* Credit: Longtail's JW FLV Player | Neoleo's Flash MP3 Player


aquajourney said...


I have problem setting up the JW Media Player, do you have time to help mi with it?

Thanks anyway!

wrerm said...

aquajourney...what the problem. Holla at me...

aquajourney said...

Please, could you help me a little bit with JW MP? I don't know where to put files, where to put playlist and how playlist have to be structured?

wrerm said...

okay!...I'll be sure to do documentation for the module when I do the next version...but for now you can use the info found here - - to make your playlist.

The files can be anywhere in your Joomla folder (no http needed) simply use path/to/folder.

I hope that helped...Let me know if you have anymore questions

wrerm said...

Oh! If I'm not mistaken when you hove over the various fields in the admin back-end of the module you should see an explanation and examples.

aquajourney said...

Which path for files and playlist have to be used: relative from server root or from player dir?

I only manage to get black bar on my site!

wrerm said...

relative from server root

aquajourney said...

It doesn't work for me... I'm sad to write that, but I have to give up! :-(

wrerm said...

Do you have screenshots of what you did and any error message that you got. That will better help me to undertsand how best I can help

aquajourney said...

could we discuss it by e-mail?
my email is: nenad.ikic(at)gmaildotcom

wrerm said...

aquajourney we can speak about the errors you are having here:

robert said...

nice component, but when I reload a page or navigate, the player needs to be restarted. Is there a way to keep it going?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this!!! Kudos! the offcial website is a pian in the ass - major fail even people trying at joomla extensions to rip ppl of from money. Maybe post your mod here too!

wrerm said...


If I get what you're saying is that you want the player to CACHE, so if it's on multiple pages is continues from where it was. Correct? If so I'll look into that on the player's original website and see how it can be incorporated.

wrerm said...

I noted the comment from an Anonymous person. Thank You!

I think the developers of the JW Media player did a great job and I have nothing against others who would want to charge for their work. They are entitled to do so.

You can find this module listed on the Joomla Website:

as well as the Longtail Website:

Anonymous said...
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J. said...

Can you provide an example xml.. that link you posted has confusing information. Just a simple xml to play video images, and music would really help out.

Anonymous said...

heyoo how to add the file list to the module?
could you explain to me please? ima joomla newbie here, thx before

gobias said...

fantastic module.
Works like a charm, even on my own templates with my own custom modules. Two tumbs up. I only have one request: i would love to get rid of the "play/pause"-etc, i just want a clean player without any buttons. Is this possible?

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