Which do I prefer, CamTwist or Jing?

I've just finished working on a project and I have to do a series of screencasts for the client, training them how to use the CMS. My wife (business partner) and I have been in discussions about what expenses we can afford this month, a screencast application is not on our priority list. So I started looking for free options.

I've used Jing before but didn't like the fact that it only allows me to save the screencasts as flash files (.swf) with the free version. Though US$14 a year is reasonable that's not an option right now.

Jing allows me 5mins to record a screencast which you can be save to my hard drive or uploaded to a web server using FTP. I think 5mins is sufficient timing for a screencast but I want to be able to add an intro frame and possible background audio.

With this in mind I went Googling for "free screencast apps for mac" which lead me to CamTwist. The application isn't bad, it just has one hang up. The video quality is poor. In order to get a better video quality I have to by QuickTime Pro for US$29+.

The truth is if I had to spend US$29+ I'd simple by a screencast application like iShowU. However, at the end of the day Jing came out on top. It works best!

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