Time means money for every freelancer

As a freelancer / small business owner time is everything! For a long time I've been using Kronos to keep track of jobs I do, the total time and the cost of the job. Kronos is not bad but I've always wanted a way to export my data and change the currency from € to $.

The developers of MAMP have an application the call TimeEdit. Though I've been using MAMP for a while but it never occured to me to try TimeEdit until now.

TimeEdit is great! It helps to streamline my workflow and to be more effective. With TimeEdit I can add clients, regular tasks and attach my hourly rate to each task. As if that wasn't enough, I can TimeEdit it to my Google Calendar or iCal and once I've completed a task it makes an entry into the calendar.

At the end of each month I can look at a report showing how many hours I've worked and how much I should have earned. I can also export the data as a Microsoft Excel file.

TimeEdit has tons more features to make job tracking easier. It works on both Windows and Mac OS. I love this application because it doesn't require internet access and the best thing of all is that TimeEdit is FREE.

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