10 Really Cool WordPress Templates

I've always had a craving for beautiful web designs, so much so that I've would spent hours just salivating over other designers artwork, they inspire me.

Over the last few years I haven't spent much time savoring the designs of others but I managed to chisel out some time recently and I came across a few website I like.

All the sites I'm about to list use WordPress; the use of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) has been growing over the past few years. I'm fairly new to WordPress (I normally use CuteNews or Joomla), but what I've observed is that a lot of the designs are similar (and tend to be monotonous or boring). Now the websites I've included below have elements that may be similar to a lot of websites you've seen. However, what you will notice is that their layouts - use of colour & graphical elements and content structure are slightly different - which makes them stand out among the rest. Lets take a look!

Premium Themes

1. MixxMag by RocketTheme

WHAT I LIKE: Colour + Rotator + Content Hierarchy

2. London Creative Portfolio by FreshFace

WHAT I LIKE: Use of Colour & Images + jQuery Slider + Blog intro layout

3. eBusiness by ElegantThemes

WHAT I LIKE: Colour combination + Background image + Buttons

4. eVid by ElegantThemes

WHAT I LIKE: New Rotator + Opacity over thumbnails + Beveled date & comments + Sidebar

5. On Demand by Press75

WHAT I LIKE: Simplicity in layout + Masthead with text snippet + Rating stars + Rss icon

6. iMaxwell by iPad

WHAT I LIKE: Use of Cu3er + Bokeh Background + Sidebar + Page name

Free Themes

7. SportsZone by ChocoTemplates

WHAT I LIKE: Colour scheme + Content layout + Background image

8. Portfolio by ChochoTemplates

WHAT I LIKE: Colour scheme + Main menu + Background image

9. FolioElement by Press75

WHAT I LIKE:Simplicity in layout + use of Facebox

10. MonkeyPr by Queness

WHAT I LIKE: Colour scheme + Article separators + Use of tabs

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