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Recently I changed my calling plan and added a data package but was unable to access the internet. After much research I was able to connect, thanks to inque2181 of

I already had Gmail's mobile app but a friend pointed me to Opera Mini and with my new found freedom I went looking for more apps to run on my phone. That's when I cam across GetJar. GetJar had applications for numerous cell phone platforms such as symbian, window mobile, blackberry, palm and even flashlite.

Some of the applications found on GetJar are free while others have to be purchased. However, I believe GetJar is a website worthy to be bookmarked on both mobile phones and pcs.


wowwowwow said...

Hello from GetJar. Thanks for thinking of us. We are adding new apps every day, but we count on folks like you to send comments about them, what you'd like to see more of, how we can improve our process, and anything else you can think of! Feel free to comment in your own blog, or on the GetJar Forum.


Bill Scott
VP Business Development

Froggerxyz said...

One good site deserves another... I really like

Great games - easy to access/download - no registration.

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