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As a freelance graphic/web designer I have the opportunity to work from home but I also have associates I work with closely on project from remote locations. Therefore I had a challenge, sharing files. With this challenge hovering over my in tray I has a desire to create a secure virtual network like many of those big corporations use as a soulution, for little or no money. So I went searching!

I came across a lot of techie jargon explaining Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and the need to have a VPN Server to facilitate this. Obviously I can't afford a VPN Server so I searched some more and I came across Hamachi, 2Peer, TeamViewer, Leaf and Wippen. Though I found these solutions I still had a problem, only a few had versions for macs, as a result Leaf and Wippen were eliminated.

Out of the 3 remaining solutions I found Hamachi to be the best but with one draw back. I had to install a third party application, Hamachi X, on the mac to manage my networks. I found 2Peer was web based and restricted to e-mail accounts, while TeamViewer was primarily for customer support but Hamachi was ideal.

Hamachi on the mac is designed for those users who don't mind getting their hands a lil dirty - running commands from the terminal. Hamachi has no actual GUI like the pc version but is a powerful tool in the arsenal of those who work from multiple locations, not to mention gamers.

Download Hamachi: Linux | Mac | Windows

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