4th Generation iPod Nano

has done it again! As usual Apple throws a curb ball at their competition by tweaking products and making them cheaper. They did just that with the new iPod Nano.

The new iPod Nano (4th Generation) is 0.44 ounces lighter than the previous model, which was a little smaller in dimension. The 3rd & 4th Generation iPod share one thing, screen dimension - 320 x 240, but the 4th Generation doubles the capacity of the previous version 8GB - 16GB and costs only USD$149/199.

Apple ensured that this product fit into the whole idea of thinking green. This new iPod Nano is brominated flame retardant-free, mercury-free, pvc free, has highly recyclable aluminum enclosure and arsenic-free glass

Whats New?
Apple has added a few nifty features like coverflow, closed caption for videos, games, video rotation, genius - a smart playlist creator and a shuffle feature activated by shaking the device.

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