ThinkFree Office - MS Office Knock Off

I was looking for an alternative to Neo Office recently, after getting frustrated with trying to find features similar to Microsoft Office, using the GUI. That was when I discovered ThinkFree Office and I tried a demo version.

ThinkFree has several products but some how I was drawn to try their Office product, available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. When I installed the product I noticed my iMac was moving a little sluggish but I ignored it because I had several adobe photoshop files open. Once the instillation was done I launched the application, after closing my photoshop files, and my computer was still sluggish only to be greeted by a screen encouraging me to sign up for an account. I ignored the screen continued but was surprised by what came next, an exact replica of MS Office 2007. I was thoroughly disappointed.

As if that initial disappointment was enough I created a document and tried saving it but was forced to create an account and store the file online. If I wanted to store my files online I would use Google Docs.

Unfortunately I didn't see the need to have a desktop application that requires me to save my files online and as a result of this I'm back to Neo Office with plans on getting iWork.

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