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More and more people are working from home/virtual offices but have to collaborate with associates and clients on projects. Meetings can be time consuming, especially if it's just to discuss small changes in design and every minute counts. I've found two solutions that help to make the feedback process on creative projects a lot much easier - ConceptShare and ProofHQ.

Both ConceptShare and ProofHQ are similar to Octopz. Unfortunately the interface for Octopz is not as intuative, as the 2 I mentioned above, or offers a free personal account.

ConceptShare allows creative teams to create a workspace for each project with description and client name. Packages determine how many projects can be active simultaneously, 35 being the most with the Business Package for USD$99/month and 5GB of storage. With ConceptShare you can review from photos to video files and everything else in between. Once the client has signed off you can print out the workspace with all the comments for reference.

ConceptShare also makes it easier to upload files from your desktop with a new aplication, ConceptShare Desktop Companion, written with Adobe Air.

ProofHQ is on par with ConceptShare in terms of features and cost except that it doesn't support video files. Approval of proofs are a more explicit with ProofHQ by simply selecting a button that says "Approve" or "Approved with Changes" when viewing the proof.

Unlike ConceptShare, ProofHQ allows the administrator to send a public url which allows viewers to see the proof without the need for a password. ProofHQ also integrates with 37Signals' BaseCamp. The most expensive plan on ProofHQ cost the same as ConceptShare with 1GB less but allows you to have over 200 proofs.

These web services have made life easier for creative professionals who want to get the most out of their time and ensure that the clients get what they desire, avoiding any miscommunication.

You've been equipped now choose which one is suitable for you!

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I have used almost all proofing tools available on the web. Proofhq is easy to use but sharing becomes difficult and is limited to direct links or Basecamp. For quick and easy reviews i find ProofHub the best. Free as well as paid accounts available. Here:

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