Cushy CMS - Contnet Management Made Easier

As a web designer you have to assess each project and design systems that are effective and affordable. Not all clients can afford a complex Content Management System (CMS) and that is where Cushy CMS comes into play.

Cushy CMS is for designers who don't want much to do with code and it's free.

Setting up the CMS is very simple. After creating an account you'll be required to add a website (url & ftp info), add webpages to be edited by Cushy and then editable areas. The areas to be edited by Cushy are defined by using a class - "cushycms" - on desired html tags.

Designers have the opportunity to capitalize on this by registering for the pro version of Cushy CMS, for USD$28 per month, which allows them to a add a custom domain, logo, colour schemes and unlimited webistes using the CMS.

Cushy CMS is ideal for freelance designers.

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