Transparent PNGs and Internet Explorer

Recently I was in a meeting with some colleagues discussing a project, while we waited on the client we started talking about web development issues. One of the issues that came up was the use of transparent pngs and Internet Explorer. Now I'm aware that IE 7 and IE 8 beta have corrected this issue. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have switched from IE 6 in a developing country like Jamaica so designers like myself still have this issue to deal with.

There are many fixes for this one issue - javascripts, using a .htc file, css hacks or IE specific stylesheets - but we discovered two others. One is using a 8-png file which works perfectly and the other is using a pseudo transparent gif. The gif is 4px x 4px with one black square in the top left corner and another in the bottom right corner, repeat the image in your css file as a background and you are good to go.

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