I want an iPod Nano...

It's been a long time since I've blogged about any tech stuff. Well my work load has been crazy as of late, I must give God thanks that I have work in this recession time.

'Any-who!' I was finishing up a project and noticed an e-mail in my inbox from Apple. It was about the new iPod nano.

I've wanted an iPod for a while, from the very 1st day I gave away my Sony Walkman, but I just couldn't decide on which one. Primarily because I wanted a portable mp3 player with a radio and iPods didn't have that feature. Well guess what? They do now!

The new iPod nano has a host of kool features including video recording and fm tuner. With the fm tuner you can pause live listening. Yes! Pause live listening...in a developing country like Jamaica a portable radio is a must have. Especially during hurricane season! Not to mention listening to Full House Fridays, with Francois and the gang on FAME FM.

The iPod nano starts at US$149, for the 8GB and goes up to US$179, for the 16GB. That is roughly JM$13,500 and it's worth every penny of it.

I'm definitely gonna get one before the year ends...trus' me!

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