BluPrint - A Dynamic Text Based Website

I've been having discussions with my father-in-law, an entrepreneur, who is challenging me to make my workflow easier. I've also read articles on Freelance Switch & Smashing Magazine that have challenged me in the same regard.

Now I use Coda when writing scripts for my projects and I've added clips; snippets of code I use on a regular basis. Most of my projects are Joomla based but not all my clients can afford such an elaborate system, so I sometimes have to do static websites (using php includes to make the template issue less of a hassle). I don't always like that approach so I came up with a solution, BluPrint.

BluPrint (the code name of the project) is a simple dynamic text based website that doesn't use a MySQL but text files to store the page content. The structure of BluPrint will be designed in such a way that it's easily customizable by using templates and supports 3 column designs with room for addons, in later versions to come. In essence it will act like a CMS allowing you to make easy updates by just editing or adding a text file.

That's all I can say for now about BluPrint but you can follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates and progress reports on the project.

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