I found INSPIRATION downtown

I’m working on a project that beckons me to design a myspace and it’s been a minute since I’ve designed a myspace page, especially since myspace went web 2.0.

In an attempt to sharpen my tailoring scissors, I flipped through a few web pages to find a suitable concept, that would spawn inspiration. I observed a few well known myspace pages - Kanye West, John Legend, Lil Jon, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys - just to name a few and nothing assaulted my attention, though the all had elements I liked. Therefore, I resorted to many popular web 2.0 template sites and galleries. But again, nothing!

Finally! I left the uptown; the upscale, posh, new, trendy websites and went downtown where it all originated. And there oozing with creative aspirations was a deviant, I was attracted to her and she gave me what I craved - INSPIRATION.

Below are 21 inspirational websites I found on DeviantArt:

1. Nightclub

2. Woldcup Info Website

3. Luscious

4. Santa Town

5. Bespoked Suites

6. Mary Sarah

7. WP Fairy Theme

8. Krauter Abo

9. Creative Template

10. USA Liquids

11. GUI FX

12. SMS Racing

13. Joomla Leopard Theme

14. Concept

15. Best Desitination

16. Ins and Outs

17.Photo Portfolio

18. iDesign

19. LeaFive

20. Exotiq

21. Skyrill

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