Freebie: Google Nexus PSD

I had some spare time on my hands and attempted to recreate the Google Nexus in Adobe Photoshop. My wife challenged me to do it in Adobe Illustrator - she is crazy good with Illustrator, a guru! - but I had to call it quits. I'm more comfortable with Photoshop than with Illustrator.

What the heck do you get in the layered psd? The phone body (flattened), screen and glass/reflection. Hope you find the file useful!

Download Nexus PSD


Jamaipanese said...

this could come in useful. bookmarked.

wrerm said...

I hope it does ;)... you can send me a sample of the artwork if you use it ... just wanna see

cheth said...

Nice one.. I will link to this page in my chethstudios roundup next week.

wrerm said...

Thank cheth... send me a link when you post ;)

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