Eye-candy for the Hobbyist Photographer: 5 Flickr Photostreams

At this ripe age of 28 I find my self being abducted by various desires frequently. Among the culprits is photography. It has become a regular habit to ski over the mountainous pages of the internet looking for ideas and inspirations... things I can try, even though don't own a DSLR (the camera I use belongs to my Father-in-law. Thanks Mr. A!).

I like Columbus wanted to prove that my world isn't flat, 2 dimensional and boring through a viewfinder... but before I could set sail I had to learn from those who have gone "to infinity and beyond!"

During the 28 RAW challenge I have discovered many a paradise and I have made a treasure map for 'mi mates'...

5 Flickr Photostreams I Follow

photo by: hannaheartles

photo by: peterchen2002

photo by: Dustin Diaz

photo by: isayx3

photo by: pvcpvc

What's dwelling in my niggin...?

I've come to realize that as much as photography is the art of capturing light some photographers don't limit themselves to the initial capture but take it one step further in post processing. They let their imagination handle the strokes of their brush on the canvas of photoshop as they retouch pictures creating masterpieces.

This adds new dimensions to my voyage... I must now find the equator between the traditional and the modern. Though some purists may object, what is true is that "one enhances the other" - Danah Cameron... there is so much to learn but the voyage continues...

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