Tip: Recording An Event with One Camcorder

Video Tip
photo by: Fry2k 

Here's a tip you may find useful if you've ever been asked to record an event, like a play, dance/variety show over an extended period and only have access to one camcorder. Especially, if renting or borrowing and additional camera is not an option.

Try and attend the event, 2 to 3, times while its running and record from different angles. Remember that the footage being captured may be viewed by individuals who weren't present at the event and by having different POVs you engage them more.

Also, take into consideration that on each staging of the event the cast/players may change and you want you footage to be as consistent as possible.

What if the event is being staged only once?

Attend the as many rehearsals as possible, scout the venue and look for opportunities to move from one position to the next between scenes/sets or find a good location and record from there for the duration of the event.

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