Simple Mp3 Bar v1.1 Module for Joomla 1.5

I've decided to make some modifications to the Simple Mp3 Bar module for Joomla 1.5. Simple MP3 Bar - version 1.1, now allows you to choose whether you want to play one song or a group of songs as a playlist (not xml).

To make a playlist all you have to do is select playlist, type the names of the files (eg: love-song.mp3, peopleperson.mp3, partytime.mp3), the respective names and poof!!! Your playlist is created.

It's one of the simplest mp3 players you'll find for Joomla 1.5.

Download: Simple MP3 Bar v1.1 Simple MP3 Bar v1.2


udlive said...

hello am having problems with configuring the directory to the path where the files are stored on the server.. Pls can I get help

wrerm said...


What problems are you having?

Anonymous said...

hi, i have problems too. please i need help.
i put the folder correctly and the file to... but when i enter into the page the music dont's listen.
Please help!!!!

elegies (anonymus) said...

i put the folder: C:\AppServ\www\website\media and the file something.mp3 and the music don't listen in my page... i'm using joomla 1.5.6 in a wserver 2008. please wrerm what i'm doing wrong?

wrerm said...

When adding a folder please bear in mind that it is relative to the joomla instillation. There is a tooltip explanation for each field.

FOLDER: foldername/

If you are entering multiple songs and titles it should look similar to this:

TITLE: Title 1, Title 2
TITLE: Title 1,Title 2

and the same would apply for the Mp3 files.

Anonymous said...

great module :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, just installed your simple mp3 bar but it doesn't list any playlist and neither plays a song.

I published the module, tried some paths en names( for example public_html/, followed the instructions here but nothing happens. No playlist and no songs.

Please help me, looking for this module so long, hope it will work sometime.


Marcelo said...

I think your module is awesome, since it's so easy to configure just like i want it. But I'm having trouble to make it play a song from the playlist I made. I use joomla 1.5.10, i'm testing the module on my local server.

marcelo said...

Sorry... delete the last post it wasnt your module (blush)

Marcelo said...

I made it work. It was the path that was wrong.

wrerm said...

Marcelo, glad to know it works for you. Maybe you can post a link to showcase the player in your website?

wrerm said...


Can you post you issue in detail at the Google Groups so we can look into solving the issue.


Anonymous said...

Won der fuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllll

I love this Module , you are the Best, man !!!

thank you :-)

ndoro said...

i have problem to
but solved.

just for an example :
path is
file name : joomla.mp3

wrerm said...


Using the info in you example you would place the following in the relevant areas of the moudule:

PATH: images/stories/music/
FILENAME: joomla.mp3

Anonymous said...

hi wrem. I have problems with configuring the directory too. I don't know where to store my mp3 files. when I tried to upload them through media manager I get the error message, that says this files are not supported. could you please help me?

wrerm said...


You may need to install eXtplorer or use an ftp application to upload the files like fileZilla

Anonymous said...

Dear wrerm,
Thank you so much for responding. I have ws-ftp pro. Is it not a proper program to manage my files? I just don't know where to store the mp3 files. Also, I don't know what exactly put in path/to/folder in order to make this module work. right now it is stored in /silence/bach
silence is the root of my joomla website that I am designing. It just doesn't work. I need to know where should I store the files, and how to fill the path to folder part. should I put url or just the folder name? can you give me an example? I will appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

It's workin, It's workin, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Thank you soo much. thank you thank you.

wrerm said...

Maryam it was my pleasure!

Chamzero said...

Thanks a lot for this module... i tried a lot and it's the first that really work fine!
Good job!

wrerm said...

Chamzero thanks! That's really good to know...

Anonymous said...

the youTube PL rox!

But cannot get the playlist.xml running.

example with ASX 3.0
title So Glad You're Mine title
author Elvis Presley author
abstract 1956abstract
moreinfo href=""
param name="image" value="elvis.jpg"


not working, anyway will propably stick to the yT PL now.

Going to donate 10 bucks soon :)

wrerm said...

Thanks, I'll take a donation any day ;).

Regarding the XML playlist. Please make sure your list is constructed using the examples found here:

Anonymous said...

Single files play fine, but as soon as I put two in, the player returns an error.

Both files play fine if I run them individually.

Is there something wrong with my syntax?

files: 'song_one.mp3, song_two.mp3'
titles :'song one, song two'

wrerm said...

The syntax seems to be quite fine. Please ensure that both songs are in the same location and that the option for playlist is selected.

Anonymous said...

It plays, and looks good. But it does not show the song title, or any playlist. Is that function working for anyone?

wrerm said...

Ensure the HEIGHT is more that 20 and thee song titles have commas in the right place (Song_Title, Song_Title and not Song_Title,Song_Title) and you should be good.

Eric Giovannoni said...

Hi, I'm a french teacher and I use my site to stay in touch with my students (specially in holydays....). I discovered your module today because I wished to include a bunch of oral practices: it's awesome. I struggled a bit to introduce correctly files and so on, but it works immadiatly, and I thank you very much for it.
It's difficult to find tools for teachers (I mean things you don't need to hack :)) My site:
Many thanks again. Eric

Eric Giovannoni said...

I forgot to mention, if you want to see it:
(there's some commercial proposition on the site, but it's new... a test in a way -crisis time right?)
See you

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where I have to keep the song? I need to create a folder in ftp and then...

wrerm said...

All files have to be in the joomla root folder or a sub-folder..then you point to the folder by typing /folder/sub-folder/

gilu said...

Gilu: Hi, I have problem with the path to folder I used mp3 because it was the folder name that i opened with FTP I do not understand what is the (path/to/folder) woul you please help me thank you

Eric Giovannoni said...

You need to open a folder for your songs INSIDE joomla! To do so, follow this procedure:
1:> Media manager > images >stories :in this folder(stories), create a new folder and call it as you wish (mp3 for ex).
2:> Resulting path will be: images/stories/mp3
3:> introduce this path inside the module in field: folder (in module parameters, right side of the module).
And your done.
So every time you'll want to introduce a new playlist on your site, you'll just have to copy the first module you have configurated, rename it, introduce new files'names and keep the rest untouched.
Simple and practical, all your files in one folder and no FTP.
Use FTP only in case you want to upload a bunch of files. But to create a folder inside Joomla itself, it's not necessary.

Dizzyedge said...


This module is ridiculously cool. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for: clean, neat, simple design with playlist options. Highly configurable too. Excellent.

JJ said...

installed, but parameters are not show up in the module. Also when I post to a page the only thing I get is the word MP3. Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

But when you did images/stories/mp3 you have to upload the music in the folder to mp3 in joomla?, or you have to create a folder in ftp and upload the music ?, because I try it, but not is working for me.

Max said...

I have familiar problem... I have done 3 steps, but, it dint working((

Max said...

Sorry, it`s works) All you have it`s carefully completed that 3 steps. THANK YOU!

Max said...

I can use that module for playing *.m3u files (it`s stream Internet radio) ??

Cassandra Hansen said...

I'm so happy with this module. I've been looking for one JUST LIKE THIS. Great job!! Thank so much!

Sergio said...

hi all!!! It's an amazing module!!! :-) but how could i leave music playing during the change of the pages?

Tony said...

I am so sorry but I don't seem to get it to work.

I am using

Module is all set.

Any tips?

wrerm said...

Tody you this is a module not a plugin...look at the posts above. The usage is explained ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Wrerm,

I have followed your instructions to the letter and although the module is showing on my page, no music plays when i click through on any of the tracks.
My file path is /images/pollmusic and i have named the mp3's exactly as they are saved in the folder with a space after the coma. Still it's not working.
If you want to have a look, it's at on the News tab
Will be very grateful if you can help. Thanks

IHS said...

Got it working. Thanks

wrerm said...


Anonymous said...

if the problem still persist, you may want to consider to add a slash '/' to the end of the folder (refer step mentioned above #2 )...this woorked for me.
anyways, I would surely want to mention that it works, for multiple files as well. I habe not tried for multiple playlists...will now try yo work on this. my version is 1.2

Phillip said...

I've read all the posts and some people have seemed to have the same problems as me, but I can't find an answer.

I have created a folder on the ftp at /public_html/media/music and uploaded a 600kb mp3 to it, called beethoven.mp3

In the module setup, I have

Folder: /public_html/media/music
File: beethoven.mp3
Song: beethoven

Yet it will not play anything on the site when clicked. I have tried all sorts of things but cannot figure out where I am going wrong. Can you help?

Phillip said...

Aha! Solved it!

The folder had to be /media/music/

Hope that helps anyone else with this problem.

wrerm said...

Hey Phillip! I'm glad you found the solution.

laura* said...

Grazie a questo modulo ... SAREBBE ideale se non Fosse Che la musica riparte Ad ogni cambio di pagina ... come posso fare uno continua renderla?

wrerm said...

Predon me Laura! No hablo Espanol.

Lalo said...

It is possible to open the player in a new window to avoid stopping the music while surfing the web?
Besides, the player is excellent, congratulations!!

wrerm said...

Lalo. Unfortunately there is now documentation on caching to have the player continue playing when page is reloaded. I'm not sure how you would go about opening the player in a separate window.

Anonymous said...

cannot get the playlist to show up on a left position, only the player

wrerm said...

@anonymous: The player doesn't have that option. Sorry!

Migsterrr said...


First of all I'd like to say good work on the mod! This is exactly what I've been looking for! The only problem I have tho.. Is that I can't get it fit into my left column. It looks like the bottom and right side of my MP3 Bar just have been "cut off" basically"

See here:

And somehow I can move the slider outside of my mp3 Bar? >>

Not sure how to edit my mp3 Bar so it will fit. Have you got any idea? That would be great!

Tnx :)

Anonymous said...


K. Chet said...

I just installed this module today, but when trying to add it to the site there are no configuration parameters available.

I have tried reinstalling the module a couple of times, but nothing has worked to get the parameters to appear.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

wrerm said...

K. Chet I always try to put examples in the back end. Please take a look there. all the best

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a demo version of the player before downloading and installing it in my Joomla site so that I can first find out if it's want I'm looking for.

Migsterrr said...

Hey wrerm, have you got any idea what I should do? If not, no worries!

Carlos said...

Hey, thank you for this great module! This is exactly what I need!
You have a great blog and great joomla modules!

Keep up the good work! All the best!

wrerm said...

@migsterrr: Let me exactly what the problem is in the Google Groups.

@carlos: Thanks! Glad I could be of some help.

Anonymous said...

Hi !

The module is working only if I put it in "autoplay" mode. When it is not on the "autoplay" mode is off the "play" button isn't responding.

How is that possible ?
Thanks !

wells said...

Hi. This looks pretty cool, but I'm new here and having some trouble. I created the images/stories/mp3 folder, but when I try to upload an mp3 I get the error message of "the file type is not supported"

Could you tell me what am I doing wrong?


ali cengiz said...

i installed module on the right menu. I want to different music with different articles. is it possible to change playlist with articles?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, wrerm! The player works great!!! I like it very much. Thanks again!:)

Anonymous said...

@ Ali Cengiz:Of course. You can use 1Pixelout Audio Player, who is a player for content (articles). You can find it if you search on Home > Multimedia > Audio Players & Gallery

wrerm said...

@cengiz: you can also use {loadposition POSITIONNAME} to load modules in a specific position. You would have to duplicate the module for each position in order for this to work.

Anonymous said...

I need help if it is possible,
I created the path folder images/stories/music but when I try to upload an mp3 .. after some seconds .. i get the message " Enter a file to upload" ..
please.. how to solve it ?

wrerm said...

Luca, you need an FTP client to upload the files to the webserver, like FileZilla. Once you have done that you can specify the path.

Christopher said...

Can I feed MP3 file from Amazon S3 or must they be in Joomla root folder?

wrerm said...

For this module Chris the file has to be on the same server as the Joomla instillation. I'm working on a million things but if I get the time I will update the module to allow playing remote files.

Anonymous said...

I've used Filezilla to upload my song.. but I was unable to set the proper path i think..
but now.. it works!
perfect! really big thanks ! and compliments for ur work and support ;)

wrerm said...

Glad I could help Luca ;)

eclaire said...

Great extension I was able to upload and get the module working. The problem I'm having is that the sound isn't good. The mp3 is about 6meg. It plays fine in my itunes, but gurgles on the site. Any thoughts?

Thanks Elizabeth

wrerm said...

eclaire you can change the buffer settings or optimize the mp3 for web (ie. Try and make it smaller)

WebTread said...

wrerm you did a fantastic job... I love it. Very simple and easy to use. Took a bit figuring out that I needed to add a last / to the path but once I got that figured out I was up and running. Awesome.

Download it. Install it. Enable it. Go to your Media Manager. Add new folder called audio to your images root folder. Upload some mp3 files. Go back to your simple mp3 bar module. Type this as your path: images/audio/
Then add files names eg: valentines_day, thought_i_saw_elvis, clouds_go_by
Then add song names eg: Valentines Day, Thought I Saw Elvis, Clouds Go By
Change any of the other parameters you want and save that bad boy. Check your site where you placed the module and you should be in business...

Just wish it hadn't taken me an hour to figure out I needed to add that last / to my path images/audio/
Because this is so simple a 3rd grader could do it if they understand Joomla at all lol... :D
Thanks again great stuff and I will kick you a donation when I can. Till then I will be sending all of my Joomla Friends to come grab a copy...
Here is my site if any one wants to see my implementation of it.

wrerm said...

Hey WebTread glad I could help... the site looks good.

Hopefully I'll get the time to redesign this blog and add that donation button ;)

yayangarya said...

hi..wrerm.. thanks for the module, but I've a problem, when I click the play button it is not work, it's just download that audio file.. please help me brother...thanks before..

Application Development said...

Thanks for sharing the great post.

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.Will said...

Man and if i wanna this play any music on folder?
can it be?
or i MUST to type title.mp3 for for each file?

Anonymous said...

I tried to upload my mp3 like you said but Joomla tells me THIS FILE TYPE IS NOT SUPPORTED.

There's nothing wrong with the file. It's a decent mp3 file. What could be wrong?

balchder said...


set path as /public_html/images/stories/mp3/

set file as 01-track1.mp3

set title as 01-track

but nothing plays?????

daniel john said...

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test said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
erik said...

Look good- but haven't gotten it working yet, updates go slow through GoDaddy hosting. I was able to upload an mp3 file by ading .mp3 to my legal file extensions (didn't have to go through and ftp that way) and the folder is under images/mp3- there earlier posts say to input a path- but all I see is a input for folder and an input for file- question is- what do I put as the folder name? images/mp3? or just mp3? Thanks for the hard work- hopedully I can get this working like the others.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, thx first for this excellent player. I am very happy that I finally figured out how to make it work. I first didn't hear any music, although the path and filename seemed to be correct. The file I wanted to play is called instrumental 857.mp3. But it was not enough to put the real name into the playlist. I opened the file directly in the browser and in the navigation bar I discovered the filename changed to instrumental%20857.mp3, which means that the blank space was rewritten with %20. In my case putting this rewirtten name into the playlist solved the problem. So maybe the best idea is to open files in the browser first putting in the comlete direction and copy that direction into the playlist. Hope it helps somebody and excuse my poor english. Best regards,Janfri.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, the rewriting was definitely the problem for me. Watch the player in action on The right player on the frontpage is working with a playlist, the left one without. The file a pesar de todo gabylonia-los-aldeanos.mp3 has to be named a%20pesar%20de%20todo%20gabylonia-los-aldeanos.mp3 in the module options, the other name will not work. Maybe you should add something about this in the instructions. Thanks again for your excellent player. I am a lucky man, as the default colors are the same as my site.:) Cheers.

BetRock said...

Ok its easy to solve the path issue, the mistake is to write all the path, E.G.:


The solution is just writing a simple path like:


And into the audio folder copy the song or songs to be played.

Nice module, thanks for alla.

Anonymous said...

Hi wrerm,

I have the same problem like many people had in the past and i read all the comments but still i cant get it to plau, i can see the player in the frontend but when i click the play button nothing happens,here is the folder i have created:

Folder: images/audio/(with and without the last slash)
File (s): song1.mp3, song2.mp3
Song Titles: song1, song2

ps. does the position of the module have to do with anything? i doubt it..

any suggestions? thanks

Manuel Andrés said...

It just says, "this kind of file is not supported" what can I do?

Anonymous said...

hi there,
great module, good job. Works fine but is there somewhere a parameter so that the song keeps playing regardless of where i click navigate in my website? I hate when the song stops everytime i click on a menu item
Thanks ;)

tonya said...


I've installed and configured the player, and listed just a couple of tracks to test it out. It worked great. However, now that I've added a few more - my playlist has 5 tracks - it will only play 2 of them for some reason.

I uploaded some via Joomla, and others via FTP, so thought maybe there was a problem with the upload, but the two that are playing were uploaded in both ways, so it can't be that.

I've also gone back through to make sure the format is correct.

Any suggestions?

wrerm said...

I would say check the format again and ensure that the Browser or ISP isn't caching.

tgraham said...

Tried clearing cache and still won't play. Also, one of the track titles has stopped showing up.


marion said...

Your module is cool but I have a problem :
I have 2 songs in the player but only 1 works. the song that doesn't work is a .mp3, and i followed the instructions (space after ,) so i don't understand...
i tried with Firefox & Opera.
I tried with an other .mp3 and it doesn't work either. its still the same problem
if you have an idea... thanks!!

and sorry for my english

Carlo said...

I can't get it to play a song for me. I uploaded the file to /public_html/houston/media/ but it won't play it. what do I need to do?

Anonymous said...

This MP3 player works perfect on my system but not on a few others I've tried. In place of the player I get: "There seems to be an error with the player !"

Is this related to the version of Flash installed on a given system?

wrerm said...

This may be because of other modules or the template you are using. Simply turn off a few module and see what changes.

Anonymous said...

Is there a quick and dirty way to change the location of the files to point to a remote server?
For example, joomla is installed on and the mp3 files are on
I opened up mod_simplemp3bar.php and added this line:
$hackUrl = '';

And then replaced all the $baseUrl instances with $hackUrl (with the exception of $modUrl = $baseUrl.'modules/mod_simplemp3bar/'; I left that one alone.) I thought that would change the url to be but that did not seem to do it. I'm not totally sure what I'm doing either, just making some guesses :)

Anonymous said...

VERYYYY Important:

1. At the end of folder directory please ensure that there is a "/" and
2. Put "," between files and titles and also put space after "," not before.

Most of the people are doing the #1 mistake. As they forgot to add the "/" at the folder directory.


Quantity: Playlist

Folder: images/stories/mp3/ (this is related to joomla directory)

Files: song1.mp3, song2.mp3, song3.mp3

Song titles: song1, song2, song3

Hope this will help you.

Anonymous said...

When I try to install it does not.

The Error message I receive:

* JFolder::create: Could not create directory

* Warning! Failed to move file.

As well it says "Unable to find install package"


harold said...

great module..but
i have a problems when i click other menu the music stop?...can you help me?

Anonymous said...

Not working at all. I've been trying for four days. The Path is correct, I've even installed the latest version and tried it on another server. Have no clue what to ask because I have done everything instructed.
Mister Frustrated!

Danilo Guzman said...

Hello, thank you for this amazing and easy to handle module. I have a question about the playlist. I'm able to load the songs, able to hear them, however, the playlist is not showing. The option is checked and you can actually listen to the both songs I've uploaded already, but, I'm not able to see the playlist.

Can you help me with this please?

Here's the address so you can see the module working.

Thank you.

Danilo Guzman

RC said...

Thanks for a great MOD. I have two songs in a playlist and It just keeps repeating the song will not switch? any advise would be appriciated

The Red Baron - aka: JP aka:Max said...

Excellent Mod. The playlist will not show up unless you change the height to accomodate for the songs. The default 25px will not show the playlist.

lymzou said...

nice soft

Anonymous said...

yes, it is works.
from Russia with Love

Anonymous said...

Great Work! Thanks!

Peter said...

Hi this really a great module, I use it on my website I have a question about the volume. It is standard somewhere halfway. Can I change it to start with 10% or so?

All the best,

Anonymous said...


I've only heard good things about this module and would love it to work for me. I've read here that people are having trouble uploading the files to the images/stories folder in media manager but I haven't read an answer to this problem. When I try to upload I get the error 'this file type isn't supported' how do I fix this? I'm so frustrated.

wrerm said...

The media manager has a restriction on the file size... I'd suggest you use an FTP client which most people use.

Anonymous said...

after two hours!thanks a lot, keep goin
Best regards
Ricardo from Portugal

john said...

this is great put i would also like the track to stay playing between different menus and pages,

anyway that can be done?

Rana said...

This module works just fine.. but the only prob m facing at present is that i cant see any playlist... though it is enabled in module parameters. I have to click on next button everytime.

Anonymous said...


Simple Mp3 player works fine in Forefox but doesn't work on IE, please help. I get the message "There seems to be an error with the player".

Joomla 1.5.18


Anonymous said...

good mod,good job, but it shows full path in playlist instead of name of track, it looks bad... how to fix this problem?

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for this module. One prob I'm having:
Have a playlist with 3 tunes... everything appears configured correctly but, cannot get the 1st song to play. All the others play fine EXCEPT... for the first one. the file path is correct. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

How to change layoult? i dso see it like playlist only as some buttons.

Anonymous said...

ur work is worth a post:


Anonymous said...

My songs are not playing and my config looks correct. its just not playing.Please help!!!

Anonymous said...

:) SOLVED!!! (missed the slash at the end!!

Anonymous said...


first, great player, it works perfectly.
But I have a question concerning the refreshing of your page. Is it possible in a joomla template to prevent your mp3 player from refreshing everytime you click on a page?

Thanks in advance,


mecheng said...

I would also like the player to not stop playing when I pick another menu item. Is there a way to configure this? please.


Saadi said...

Well,I see that some of you are facing problems with playlist. I also faced the same problem and was able to fix it though the mistake was very simple and it was not mentioned in the procedure.
Follow the below instruction:

1. Select Playlist
2. If you want to see the song titles select the Height more than 20 ( I set 50 though)
3. Must end the folder name with a slash (/). eg- songsfolder/ (here songsfolder is the root directory of your joomla site)
4. When you list the songs with a comma(,) between songs, do not forget to put a SPACE after the comma. For instance:

songA.mp3,songB.mp3,songC.mp3 (wrong format: because no space after comma)

songA.mp3, songB.mp3, songC.mp3 (correct format: space available after comma)

This was my problem and I discovered this solution.

For any query let me know by (Joomla Professional Developer).

Anonymous said...

Hi, isnt there a way that the music plays continuously when browsing on the website? Without the user having to click on the open popup button.

Anonymous said...

the mp3 files must have 128 kbps bitrate.

Jessica said...

Hi I created the path and everything exactly as the instructions say to and I get and error message saying "There seems to be an error with the player !"

This is my path: images/stories/mp3/
File: cellasmelody.mp3
Song title: Cellas Melody

It won't load in any browsers, I just get a blank box where it should be.

Jessica said...

Ok I figured it out.

I had to change the permissions on some of the files because not all of them were "read". I kept getting a 403 Forbidden error and that's why it wasn't loading correctly.

Jupa said...

Thanks God & Wrerm, It works, yujuuuuu!.

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