Feed Mingle & Apple's RSS Visualizer Screensaver

My schedule, of late, has become really hectic and sometimes I don't get to watch or read the news. So I started using a screensaver - RSS Visualizer, on my mac to pull news from local websites - Jamaica Gleaner & Jamaica Observer.

Unfortunately I can only pull 1 feed at any given time. While checking my latest feeds in Google Reader I noticed a feed from Go2Web20.net about FeedMingle. Basically I can merge 2 or more feeds as one.

How to add FeedMingle to RSS Visualizer
Step 1: Create you Mingled feed
Step 2: Open Mail.app (Hopefully you have this setup already . If not do so!)
Step 3: Go to File » Add RSS Feeds
Step 4: Select Specify a Custom feed URL and mingled feed
Step 5: Go to Apple Menu » System Preferences » Desktop/Screensaver
Step 6: RSS Visualizer » Options
Step 7: Select feed from Mail.app

This works perfectly for my screensaver and I think it's really cool and not just limited to my screensaver. I can use it in any rss reader, whether it's a standalone application or integrated into a web-app or website. You should give it a try!

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Amar Gautam said...

Now as this beautiful post tells us about how to use FeedMingle to make our lives easier, you must know who created it.

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