JW Media Player v1.3 for Joomla 1.5

I recently got some comments, from Px Junkie Google Group and this blog, pertaining to some errors for the previous version of the JW Media Player (v1.2). I had all intentions of coming out with a version 1.3 much earlier but my schedule prevented me from doing so. It seems that everything has come full circle...I now need to use the module on a project and I'm faced with some challenges.

In JW Media Player version 1.3 I've addressed the issue of multiple modules on the same page and allowing the full screen mode to be enabled for all video types from the backend.

I am aware that LongTail has released a version 4.5 of their player an plan to take advantage of the new features. So keep your eyes open for upcoming versions. There's lots more to come!!!

Download: JW Media Player v1.3 [ Mirror ]


Anonymous said...

Great work. Thanks for adding the JW player to Joomla. I have a feature request. Can you enable your module to allow for a custom streaming server path such as RED5. I am currently using the JW Player wizard to play my RED5 video and would love to see this in a Joomla module. Also as you update for the new version I understand that there is enhancements to include Google Event tracking which would add very needed metric tracking to video assets.


wrerm said...

No problem will look into the streaming and Analytics...

Anonymous said...

This is just what I was looking for. The templates are a nice idea. Good Luck
more templates easy to download

dika said...

how to add url for radio streaming

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