JW Media Player v1.4 for Joomla 1.5

It's here! Yeah I know I just released 1.3 a few days ago but when I was looking through the code, man was it messy. So I cleaned it up and added some new features.

New Features include:
- Streaming media support
- Volume control
- Video smoothing
- Video stretch to fit
- Custom logo support
- Button hover colour & active item colour
- Bufferlength

Trust me! There is more to come...

Download: JW Media Player 1.4 JW Media Player 1.5.2


Chris said...

Just came across your player today. Thanks very much for making it available. Any chance of making it pick up an entire directory as well as a single file or perhaps a wild card. This would eliminate the need for a playlist in some cases.

thanks again for your effort

wrerm said...

Chris, I like that idea. I'll try to incorporate it in future versions.

Marko said...

Thanks for great module :)
I have one question. I use this moduele at my home page with youtube video, but I have litle problem. So how to set up this module, that backgorund is not black, or how to set up that backgorund is youtube front imagine. When some1 go to front page, can not see what youtube is this day at my site,if you want to know that, you must click to play and than youtube is start...
Please help

wrerm said...


The module settings in the backend allows you set the background colour and whether you want the player to autostart and shuffle on load.

Marko said...

This is what I see (black background) http://www.fotorola.com/uploads/4a96a1435a.png

...but I want to see this http://www.fotorola.com/uploads/1130e7f2cc.jpg

You cen see at secnd picture, that tehere are imagine, imagine is part of video, but in my case I yust have black background...

hot to setup this player to be like secnd picture?

sorry for my english

wrerm said...

Marko, you can get your player to look like image #2 by loading the video from an xml playlist (which has the option to specify the thumbnnail image).

In the module backend you will see a link on how to create a playlist: http://developer.longtailvideo.com/trac/wiki/FlashFormats

Marko said...

But I do not need play list :)

I need yust one youtube video for my site :) so no help for my case? :(

wrerm said...

Marko hit me up via e-mail - pxjunkie[at]gmail.com - I have a solution for you.

jcl1998 said...

I am in need of some serious help. I have uploaded JW Media Player v1.4 for Joomla 1.5 but I can't figure out how to load the one single piece of music I would like to play on my website. I am new to Joomla and I really dont have a clue. Please Help!

wrerm said...

@jcl1998 Please install the latest version of the module and refer to the example found ing module back-end (the tooltips also explain).

saifulsamad said...


Does this module support rstp (rm format) for audio stream?

avboven said...

HI, nice module ! But the None feature for showing the controlbar doesn't work. It will always go back to bottom. And I do not want to see any controlbar. The site just need to start the movie and no other stuff like the controlbar.

Regards, Aad

wrerm said...

@saifulsamad: It does support streaming media. Download version

@avboven: I've never experienced that with version 1.5 but will look into that.

Walter said...

I wish someone could implement a technology where jw player would only play once; if an option is selected, for a session.

I am using jw player for audio files that play upon arrival to my site, and also copies of the player in particular menu areas/sections.

It would be great to have such an option so that when a user/visitor arrives at the site, and navigates away from the homepage, and then comes back to it, the audio would not autoplay.

I'd even pay for such an option.


wrerm said...

@Walter: so you are saying that you want the player save the session and contiue playing the song they were last playing?

GeorgeC said...

Actually I installed version 1.5.2 and uninstalled version 1.2 which worked. The install went fine but I get this error message: look at the bottom for the fatal error:CAN'T FIND CLASS JWPLAYER. I created a new module based on JWPLAYER and made a new position to place it in an article. When I click on the article this is what I get.

Fatal error: Class 'jwplayer' not found in C:\wamp\www\modules\mod_jwmedia\mod_jwmedia.php on line 46

wrerm said...

I've never tested it like that before (ie: in an article). I'm not sure why that would be because the class exists on line 46. I will try and look into this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrerm,
if ModuleClassSufffix contains +,- or similar operators, console throws an error "missing ; before statement". This is unfortunately a problem, as many templates requires to define the module style in class suffix, using e.g. the style-rounded syntax. It will be really great if you have any solution or fix for this great module. Thanks, Paulo

wrerm said...

Use underscore "_"

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrerm,
thanks for the Underscore tip, but it will mean to break the template CSS. (i.e. the style will be either ignored with the Underscore or modification of the template will be required with all future updates problems) You can see this kind of styles in all YooTheme templates. Thanks again for your help, Paulo

wrerm said...

I have worked with YooTheme's templates before. They are not so hard to customize. They normally have a 'custom.css' where you can add custom styles.

I you don't want to use underscore just ad a # for the module suffix. This will cause the module name to be 'moduletable1' and the player 's1'.

This should work perfectly ;)

Paulo said...

Hi Gabre, as soon as the # appears anywhere in the ModuleClassSuffix string, it throws an error. I'll look into the issue futher, thanks, Paulo

Paulo said...

Hi Gabre,
the only real way to have the so variable properly defined is to consequently remove all dashes from the style names. Otherwise either style or script will not working. Thanks for great component, have a nice day, Paulo

wrerm said...

You can use "_" or a number.

Fil said...

Hi, I am trying your JW Media Palyer. But I have some problems.
I need playing this:
I have set this values in the backend:
File Type: streaming media
Stream URL: http://radioagira.serverroom.us/radioagira
but it dosn't work. Could you help me please?
Thanks a lot, Filippo

wrerm said...

Fil the only thing I'm not seeing is the file type.

Did you use the example in the back-end as reference?

Check the line below to ensure you are using the right file formats:

RTMP Streaming with the JW Player

Fil said...

Thanks for your answer. But I don't know the file type because the server is not mine. I would like to grub this page: cassatella dot com/radio-agira-diretta.html Could you please have a look? If you want you can remove the url after that you'll see it. I don't want to make spam on your site. Please help me

wrerm said...

Fil you would have to contact the web admin for that site and see if you can get a playlist or filetype that is compatible with LongTails Media player.

Form what I see it's a .asf file and I'm not sure LongTail supports that.

Fil said...

wrem, I thing that it's a x ms asf..so it's could be one of this:
.asf video/x-ms-asf
.asx video/x-ms-asf
.nsc video/x-ms-asf
.wax audio/x-ms-wax
.wm video/x-ms-wm
.wma audio/x-ms-wma
.wmd application/x-ms-wmd
.wmv video/x-ms-wmv
.wmx video/x-ms-wmx
.wmz application/x-ms-wmz
.wvx video/x-ms-wvx

Do you know if JW Media Player v.1.5.2 suports them?

Please grub the html code from the page Itold before
Any ideas?

Thanks again, Fil

wrerm said...

Fil you would have to follow the link I gave you earlier or e-mail LongTail for an extensive link.

Alex said...

Can I add multiple files(i'd like to include more than 1 youtube playlist)? How to separate them?

wrerm said...

longtail's orginal media player - which drive this module - doesn't support that. You would have to use two separate player or create a playlist manually with all the video you want.

susan said...

i really need help with uploading the songs. i don't know what i'm doing wrong. i installed the player and it appears just fine on the main page. i created a folder for the songs at joomla/images/mymusic/playlist1, where i uploaded all of my songs into the folder. as suggested by another joomla user, i typed in the 'file' field the following: ../images/mymusic/playlist1/playlist1.xml or
/images/mymusic/playlist1/playlist1.xml or
using local file and xml playlist. none of the combination seems to work. what am i doing wrong? and what else am i supposed to do? thanks.

wrerm said...

Susan...I've started to address you issue here

Mario Lopes said...

I cannot put this extension to work.
I get the error:
Class 'jwplayer' not found in C:\xampp\xampp\htdocs\modules\mod_jwmedia\mod_jwmedia.php on line 46

Any help, please?

Anonymous said...

hi! i would LIKE to download your code for joomla, BUT is there somewhere where I can see what it looks like first?

wrerm said...

Sorry I don't have a demo up and running for the player...

M Snyder said...


Thanks for this great extension. I do seem to be having a couple of problems, though. I'm trying to use a YouTube playlist, and it seems to load the list just fine, all the titles show up. When you try to play an individual video, though, the preview image loads, and then the "loading" icon just goes and goes and the video never actually loads.
The other problem I'm having is that I'm using the silvery white skin, and would like the playlist to display on the right side, but it is getting cut off. I don't see a way to change the css to adjust the display.

Can you help with either of these problems??

thank you so much,
M. Snyder

wrerm said...

What version are you using?

M Snyder said...


I'm using 1.5.3.
Turned out the not playing was just a caching problem and fixed itself.

I would like to have the playlist show up on the right hand site without getting cut off, though.
We went live today so I can give you the url now:


wrerm said...

It's good to hear...you can get the playlist on the right by making the player wide enough(ex.player width: 600px, display: 400px, playlist: 200px)

M Snyder said...

Hi again,

Yeah, I tried to just make th payer wider at first, (600) but all it did was stretch the whole player that wide - still not playlist.
When I tried to add your code to the module configuration under "width", it wouldln't display anything at all. Is there some other configuration setting that I'm just not seeing?

Thanks for you help!
M Snyder

Migrania said...

the module don`t work
error: \modules\mod_jwmedia\mod_jwmedia.php on line 46

we need fix this bug!!!!!!!!

SeniorX said...

pls help....
i have the last version of fw player... and i put a youtube playlist... work fine in FF and chorme also in safari... but in IE6,7 i get a error cannot open the page... me and other friends and they have also flash installed.

pls help 10x

Vintagenie said...

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get my JW Media Player to play any mp3, no matter where I put the song and no matter how I give in the link.

Anonymous said...

I´m try insert a mp3 file at embedded media in article, but request a player such mediaplayer, quicktime, schockware... Can i use any type of plugin for run it? I was saved file at home/public_html/tmp/*.mp3. Any tip? Thanks! Oscar

Jay Rozanski said...

fab mod - keep up the good work.

Scalable/re-sizeable thumbnails would be a great help in future version?

Jay said...

any news on the next release?

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